Forgiveness Quotes to Make You Feel Unfuckwithable

The Wisdom of Forgiveness ‘Forgiveness requires courage and clarity; it is not naive. Mistakenly people believe that to forgive is simply to “forgive and forget,” once and for all. This is not the wisdom of forgiveness. For great injustice, coming to forgiveness may include a long process of grief, outrage, sadness, loss and pain. True […]

Oh Baby! 

Katie’s having a baby! Yesterday was a magical day, as we celebrated Katie’s future little rockstar! The celebration started off with a selection of games:  “Guess The Poo” (guess which chocolate is which by smelling it out of a diaper…so gross but so hilarious!), “Guess The Baby Food”, and “DIY Headband” stand. Afterwards, we indulged ourselves […]