Movie Night in Wilkes-Barre (Outfit Details)

When a girl from the desert decides to spend her winter in Wilkes-Barre, PA…oh the things we do for the ones we love! Ok, ill admit…Its really not that bad. Having a hockey player as a boyfriend is actually quite the adventure! (I could go on for days about this, but i’ll save that for another post! ;)). I’ve always believed that we should never let our circumstances determine how we feel, rather make the best of the circumstances we are in! Plus, this aint my first rodeo. Lets just say last year I wasn’t as experienced in the whole “packing for cold weather” thing…meaning, I didn’t bring a single winter coat because It was “too heavy to pack” or even a beanie because I “didn’t know how to pull it off”…this year was different. This year, I made Pinterest my bi*ch and researched the hell out of winter fashion, and how to pack for the winter & snow. Lets just say I ended up at the mall that same day for some beanies & a pair of waterproof shoes! Im now 3 weeks into my stay and I’ve been successfully warm thus far! Thanks Pinterest! 

Outfit Details: 

FEED Crossbody Bag (this super cute bag provides 75 school meals with every purchase!) available here 

The North Face Jacket is available Here and Here  (I think I wear this more than anything in my closet lol)

Similar Guess Outer Jacket Available (on sale here) , and similar stylehere

Live in High Waist Leggings (literally live in these and they’re so warm!)  available here

Vince Cameo Over the Knee Boots available here(Also a major staple in my wardrobe this past Fall & Winter)

Free People Red Pom Beanie available here (So Warm and goes with so many more outfits than I thought it would! love it!) 

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