“The Sky’s More Blue in Malibu”

The sky’s more blue in Malibu“-Miley Cyrus said it best in her new song Malibu.  From the gorgeous hills over looking the views of the vast Pacific Ocean, to falling asleep listening to the sounds of the crashing waves, to waking up to the songs of the birds chirping…and don’t think I forgot to mention the dreamy cotton candy skies as the Suns sets right over the ocean. Malibu, you will forever have a special place in my heart.

We rented the perfect house for our summer vacation off of homeaway.com , and we couldn’t have been happier! Everything about this house was beyond perfect for all of our desires and not to mention the most stunning ocean views right from our backyard! Our house was filled with nothing but positive energy, and if theres one thing you should know about my family, is that having good vibes while traveling is the the upmost important thing!

I mean-this home was SO beautiful that I just had to get my friend/Photographer, Rod Roberts, down to do a photoshoot! How could we not take advantage of a location like this?!

I must say, if the library room wasn’t my favorite part to this house (confessions of a book worm), it was DEFF the jacuzzi outside in the garden that had the most gorgeous views of the ocean, day and night!

Check out this charming home on Home Away 

Sending Love and prosperity to all my readers!

xx Ashley Jean

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