Easy like Sunday morning 

If you and your best friend both wake up early on a Sunday morning, you grab her by the hand & take that bitch to breakfast!  

Aside from everything being open 24’7, one of my favorite parts of living in Las Vegas is the insane amount of restaurants across the valley. Most of which are just within fingers reach. It’s a city that never sleeps, and always eats! I know, I know, I’d be jealous too…

When it comes time to pick where to eat, my mind typically goes straight into a spiraling down fall and then suddenly I forget how to speak (oh ladies, you know what I mean!). Once I pick my self up off of the ground and the clouds start to clear up in my head, the sunshine starts to peak through and begins guiding my thoughts (and stomach) to a wonderful place, the Las Vegas Wynn & Encore. 

If you’re looking for a place to eat that’s not only absolutely delicious, but wishing to dive into all around luxurious expierence,  Jardin at Wynn & Encore Resort Las Vegas is exactly where you need to be. 

I ordered the chicken omelette, and replaced the chicken with spinach. DELISH!! 

Algarve tunic from Free People

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xx Ashley Jean 

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